How do you accept payment for items purchased from Emerald Diesel Pump & Injector Service?

We accept a range of payment options to make purchasing products from us easy and painless. Our payment options include: EFTPOS, CASH and Bank Deposit (please note, goods will not be sent until funds have cleared).

How do I get a Core Charge refund?

Once a core has been returned in a serviceable condition, your core charge will we able to be refunded to you’re a nominated account or EFTPOS card.

Filtration Systems

Is an additional fuel filter difficult to install?

We provide easy to follow details instructions with all our Pre Filter kits, and will take approx. 1hr – 1.5hrs to install for the DIYer. However if your pushed for time you are able to book your vehicle in and we can fit it for you.

Will installing an additional filter kit avoid the vehicle warranty?

Water Separator filter kit will not affect warranty as it works in conjunction with the original filter. It does not replace the original filter. If you get contamination in your fuel system there is no warranty.

Do you deliver the filter kits to PO Boxes?

Yes, the filter kits are sent out in express post bags so they can be sent to a PO Box.

Does the kit include an extra filter?

No the kit does not include an extra filter, however extra filters can be supplied at an additional cost and can be purchased through our webstore. If you purchase an additional filter with your filter kit order there will not be any additional postage cost.

Is the filter easy to replace and maintain?

The filter is easily replaced. Primary filters will need to be replaced regularly.

Does your filtration kit fit when there is a dual battery system in place?

Yes our kits do fit with a dual and even a triple battery system fitted.

Why fit an additional fuel filter when there is already a factory filter installed?

A bad tank of fuel could destroy your diesel engine. An additional fuel filter will provide extra protection from contaminants such as particle matter and water in fuel, safeguarding against thousands in engine repairs!


What if I am not happy with the STEINBAUER Product?

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the performance gains the STEINBAUER PowerModule will provide and we back that with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 3 YEARS EXTENDED WARRANTY.

What's the performance increase after installing a STEINBAUER PowerModule?

The module offers 20% more power and 20% more torque for 4WD’s and passenger cars and Up to 25% more for agriculture and truck applications.
Yet it still operates well within the safe design limits of today’s diesel engines and is a simple plug and play installation.

Will the STEINBAUER Module be a fine tuning upgrade that will smoothen out the gears

It will hold on to the gears better and not want to change down as often, particularly when towing or under load.

What is the cost of a STEINBAUER PowerModule?

The price varies depending on the Application; we have modules for 4WD’s, Agriculture machinery, trucks, motorhomes etc. For a price on your particular vehicle please contact us. Fitting costs are normally around 1.5 hours labour.

Is the STEINBAUER Module adjustable?

The unit comes pre-set. Research & Development has been done on the settings, however if fine adjustments are required then this can be done by removing the back cover & following the instructions on the back label.

Will the STEINBAUER Module work with a bigger exhaust fitted?

Yes, it will. Extensive testing has been done with a number of different exhaust systems. The STEINBAUER Module with a bigger exhaust will give you increased power over the normal 20% without any great changes in exhaust temperatures.
We have found that in most cases the standard setting is all you need when fitting an exhaust.

Will the STEINBAUER Module work if I have Diesel Gas fitted to my vehicle?

Yes, the STEINBAUER Module will work if you have Diesel Gas fitted to your vehicle but we do not recommend this.
You will be effectively fitting two performance devices to your vehicle.

Why do we need to fit a reference signal?

To improve the way the STEINBAUER Module acts.
So the module can assure what the driver wants to have: Power enhancement or just driving.
Without the reference signal the STEINBAUER Module just estimates the values.

Does the STEINBAUER Module show up on any of the engine manufacturers scan tools?

No, they cannot detect the STEINBAUER Module by using their scan tools. All the changes are done downstream of the engine ECU.

How does the STEINBAUER Module fit to the engine?

The STEINBAUER Modules in almost all cases are a plug-in fitment using original plugs. They will either plug in at the engine ECU or directly to the injectors.

Does the STEINBAUER Module change the Common Rail Pressure?

The STEINBAUER Module does not change the rail pressure of the common rail fuel systems. The STEINBAUER system changes the signals to the injectors only.

Will the STEINBAUER Module effect my fuel economy?

This will depend on how your vehicle is driven. The STEINBAUER Module is a performance device so if the driver uses all the extra power that is available to him he will see an increase in his fuel usage. However if they maintain their previous driving habits they may see a decrease in fuel consumption. The best results for fuel economy are under loaded and or towing conditions where the load on the vehicle is much greater than normal driving conditions.

What is the difference between STEINBAUER & the other brands of performance products such as Rail Pressure Boxes or pressure chips?

One of the main differences is that STEINBAUER does not change rail pressure. It changes the signals to the injectors only. Each unit is individually mapped. There is not one part number, to fit a number of different makes & models.

What advantages does the STEINBAUER Performance Module offer?


Can I fit the STEINBAUER Module and have an ECU Remap done to my vehicle?

No, we do not recommend this. You will be effectively fitting two performance devices to your vehicle.

ECU Remap

Is it safe for your vehicle?

Yes. Remapping enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits, not beyond them.

What about insurance?

We advise that it is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any modification to your vehicle. Other than this, the remapping will not be noticed to any insurance assessor or motor vehicle dealer as we use your own file version.

Do you keep a copy of the original factory file?

Yes. Should you ever require your vehicle to be put back to original we can do it simply.

Does it affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

The remap is invisible to manufacturer’s diagnostics equipment. Even when we do DPF delete editing the factory scanners will still work and make the DPF Forced regen feature operate as normally. A dealer will never know the file has been modified, unless of course they drive the vehicle.

How does the remap improve the vehicle?

A full remap alters fuel, boost and torque characteristics of the engine. We typically tune: Fuel maps, Turbo Pressure, Turbo Pressure Temp, injectors, Injectors on part throttle. We can also customise Torque Limiters, DPF Functions, EGR Functions and Speed Limiters.

Can I fit the STEINBAUER Module and have an ECU Remap done to my vehicle?

No, we do not recommend this. You will be effectively fitting two performance devices to your vehicle.

Will a dealer service delete an ECU Remap to the original settings?

This is a possibility due to car manufactures preforming vehicle updates. However we are able to perform the vehicle remap again as we keep original and modified files.