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Refurbished Turbo in Emerald, Queensland

The diesel motor is similar to the gasoline motor in many ways – mainly form and function. The fundamental difference is the way in which it causes combustion. A diesel engine uses the cylinder to ignite the air/fuel mixture during the combustion process. It’s extremely important that the correct amount of diesel fuel and air is used, turbochargers included.

With over 35 years of diesel fuel injection experience, we’ve made a habit of sourcing premium turbocharger parts & accessories and installing them with ease and precision for our growing list of customers. Our emerald turbochargers are the best in the market, providing all our diesel clients with less fuel consumption and better efficiency – all at an identical power output.

Our air-conditioned workshop is where the magic happens – and the reason that we’re trusted turbocharger repairs and parts suppliers in the North East of Australia. If you’re looking for a fully refurbished turbo, then this is your one-stop solution. We use the industry’s most sought after equipment, well-known by global specialist turbocharger servicing and spare parts suppliers.

Have a look at our diesel turbocharger sales below and enjoy the convenience of our online store here. If a turbocharger is exactly what your vehicle needs, speak to Queensland’s specialists – Emerald Diesel.